• Myth #1: White Boxers are rare.


Fact: White Boxers are not at all rare. According to the 

American Boxer Club, white Boxers make up 25% of all 

Boxers in the United States. They are not the result of 

genetic birth defects, but simply result from a breeding 

where both the mother and the father have the gene for a 

white coat. Because of the propensity for breeding “flashy” 

Boxers in the United States, many white Boxer puppies are 



  • Myth #2: White Boxers are new.


Fact: Ch. Blanka v. Angertor, one of the founding bitches of 

the breed, was white. Many of the original Boxers were white 

and could be registered in Germany until 1925. Difficulty 

arose in using white Boxers in police work, as they could 

easily be seen at night. For this reason, Germany eliminated 

the ability to register white dogs and some breeders began 

to kill white puppies. This was the start of the controversy 

surrounding white Boxers.


  • Myth #3: White Boxers are unhealthy.


Fact: Contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that 

white Boxers are more susceptible to diseases. An estimated 

10-14% of white Boxers are deaf due to a lack of 

pigmentation of the hair cells in the ear . Most white Boxers  

are not deaf and are the same as any other Boxer. They do 

not require any special care. 


  • Myth #4: White Boxers are albinos.


Fact: White Boxers are just Boxers with white coats, they are 

not albinos. Albinism in animals is defined as a complete lack of pigment. This is evidenced by pink eyes, and a 

complete lack of color anywhere on the body. All white 

Boxers have pigment in their eyes, most have spots 

(freckles) on their skin, and some have fawn or brindle  colored markings on their coat.


  • Myth #5: White Boxers cannot be registered with the AKC.


Fact: White Boxers can be registered and can compete in 

sporting events, however the Boxer breed standard indicates 

that 2/3 of the body must be brindle or fawn. Since white 

Boxers do not meet the breed standard they cannot be entered or complete in confirmation shows.  Some uninformed 

breeders feel that white Boxers are inferior to colored 

Boxers and less reputable breeders even euthanize them at birth. 


Myths About the White Boxer

Shown below is our Darby RocSan @ age 18 months
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 A little information about our breeding program and the white boxers. In our almost 14 yrs  with our boxer kennel we've had a total of 19 white boxer puppies born here, of that 19 , 3 of the babies were deaf. The deaf puppies were adopted to wonderful pet homes that were willing to take on that challenge and they've had wonderful lives. A deaf white puppy can be taught hand signals much like "signing" for deaf humans.  Deafness is the only possible extra health issue with white boxers, and in a case like this I will know about the pups hearing by the time the puppy is 4 weeks old . IF not deaf, they are just as healthy as the fawn or brindle littermates, no differences at all.  Most white puppies will develop fawn or brindle freckles on their skin or hair as they mature, this is NOT a skin condition but a normal progression of extra pigment filling in over the months. So basically a white boxer puppy is normal in every way and can be considered as an ULTRA flashy puppy.  The word FLASHY denotes WHITE markings.. 

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