About Us

My husband Donald and I have loved the Boxer breed for many many years. I was raised with a boxer in my house when I was a child and knew someday I would have boxers of my very own. It took many years to finally realize our dream of working with these great dogs. My husband was planning a retirement from his job of 28 yrs and we wanted to do something to keep he and I busy while still enjoying life. We managed to combine our love of Boxers with this full time "job" and get to stay home with our Boxers in the process. We started our boxer kennel on a limited basis in 2002, then we expanded our facility in 2004.

 We average 8 litters of Boxer puppies a year. Our main concern is providing healthy Boxer puppies for family pets.

 We also exhibit some of our Boxers in the UKC  confirmation show ring.