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  K and J's Country Pups is a  family owned small breeding kennel  in the countryside of Honey Grove Texas. We are located on 20 acres , 7 miles north of our small town. All of our Boxers are raised with love and lots of daily attention. Some of our Boxers are in the house with access to the  exercise yard outside.

  We also have small air conditioned kennel buildings with seperate dog runs and doggy door for each dog. We rotate time in the house and time in the building so all of our dogs have specialized attention and don't forget their house manners.

  The Boxer puppies are born in our spare bedroom which has been outfitted into a whelping room with the various equipment needed to attend to the newborns and new mom boxers. The newborn boxer puppies are handled by us from day one and have daily cuddle time. They are raised around cats and other pets. This will help them fit right in with a new family and the activities of their new home. They will be exposed to the noises (T.V. , music, cats , children playing, doors slamming, pots & pans rattling, dishwasher, washing machine , vacuum cleaner etc..) of a normal house , so they will be acclimated to all the normal household noises and not be overly anxious when exposed to these noises in your home.

We are white boxer friendly. There are no known extra health concerns with a white boxer puppy other than a 10% chance of deafness. This concern will be thoroughly addressed with any white puppies born here and I will know if the puppy is deaf by the time the puppy is 4 weeks old.   Please email for more info on any white puppies born here.  Please click the photo of Darby to the right to read more about the white boxer.

Boxer puppy

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